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1, 16819 - 111 Avenue, Edmonton, AB  T5M 2S4


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TIME:  BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 11:00 a.m. & ENDS AT 3:00ish p.m.

LOCATION: THE CREATIVE HIVE  16819 - 111 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

COST: $60 - Seating is limited so you must  register in advance

Lunch and refreshments will be provided

Designed for people who want to make a conscious connection to Source or the Divine, whatever you may call it, but don't want to meditate or go to a yoga class to achieve it. It is not meant to discount meditation, yoga, prayer, energy work or deep reflection – this is not a bypass technique. This workshop is about amplifying a Divine connection that already exists - all the time.
Using intuitive exercises, energy demonstrations and practical techniques, you will remember:

* That this is an ability that you have always had
* How to discern between a thought and a message
* How to integrate this connection into your being – call it manifest, call it embody - to access it in real time
* How to raise your own vibrational frequency to tap into Divine Guidance for the greater good
* How we are all part of the matrix

If this workshop resonates with you, then you know that conversing with your Higher Self, Guides, the Divine, Source is part of your own growth and evolution – it’s what you came here, to Earth in this body, now, to do. It is also a gift you give to humanity because as you raise your own frequency, you actually facilitate and support others to raise their frequency. And you level up in the process.
God, Source, the Divine is available for everyone to access. It's a conversation everyone can join, especially the curious and those on a path to meet their highest potential. As one spiritual leader says:

“Spirituality is about exploration and revelation – not problem solving.”  --  Matt Kahn

How to Register:

Go to Book Online then Select Conscious Connection Experiential Workshop. When prompted on the 'Your Information' screen (step 2), please select Pay Now to secure your seat. Cost: $60

What's included:
Lunch and beverages are provided so please let me know if you have any diet restrictions and I will do my best to facilitate you. Plus, everyone will go home with a few tools to support you going forward as well as countless valuable insights into the mystical world!