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November 26, 2019

It's been a while since I've written anything. The truth is even people like me (empaths, healers, intuitives, energy workers, etc.) have challenges, especially in relationships, and this can take us away and off down a road of our own healing journey. As we are in the active process of healing ourselves, this means issues, unresolved experiences

and unconscious behaviours have to be brought to the forefront to be acknowledged,

healed and released. These are the gates and portals  we all must go through on the

spiritual journey of growth and transformation. These are the experiences where we heal

ourselves so that we may go out and be a beacon of healing for others. It's the work we take

on when we start....and we know it. 

Anyone who says they've got it all figured out and are not actually a work in progress is

either lying or straight up in denial. The truth is that as we face our own fires and allow

parts of us to get burned off in the process -- parts like judgments, unconscious default

patterns, outdated beliefs and destructive paradigms -- we experience the pain, the heartbreak, the need to apologize and the raw reality that the things we hoped would work out, probably won't. And as we are left with a new truth to integrate, we experience the vulnerability associated with thinking maybe we have it all wrong.

I'm thinking this is where humility comes from. Not from being humiliated. It comes from realizing we all have something to heal. None of us is perfect. And we are doing our best with what we have. It comes from humble experiences when our eyes are opened to our own humanness despite the fact that we think of ourselves as spiritual beings. It's hard being in a 3D world when you are more comfortable in a whole other dimension.

Has there ever been a time in human history when it has been more difficult to be HUMAN? I don't think so. The world moves faster than ever before and our brains are charged with the task of trying to keep up when the evolution of technology goes at such a speed that our DNA and cellular structure has not had time to catch up with the last upgrade.

Some of us wonder why bother? Why bother trying? We're going to lose this race, and yet we can't actually identify who is going to win it. The course corrections we make to our own path take time to fully manifest into a solid direction with a clear destination, calling on faith, calling on trust in an unseen Divine (God, Higher Power, Source), and hoping things will just work out on a timeline full of illusions. This to me is the real spiritual crisis of humanity.

We don't know where this all leading us. And I don't have any answers. Because the Universe works in such a way that if I have the gall to think now I kinda know what's going on, something happens and what I thought was true, isn't. And the Universe puts its thumb to its nose and blows me one big razzberry. "Gotcha!"

Anyway, I'm down in the mud with you, trying to be real and keeping the faith. Keep love in your heart. Love your life. Love your journey. It's kind of a miracle that we're here at all!

Yours in gratitude & grace -


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