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Fee Structure:
$98.00 / session or book 3 sessions for $265.00
Each session is approximately 90 minutes long. 
I am not able to provide receipts for insurance purposes.

A Liability Release Form must be signed prior to your session. 

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Everything is energy, including you. Just as a vehicle has a unique vehicle identification number, you have a unique code that makes up your energy field, which I see as a colour-alpha-numeric sequence. During a reading, I intuitively connect with your energy field and can provide insights into what is happening and developing on a physical, spiritual and cosmic level. This may include your relationship dynamics,  archetypes, physical issues, situations you are currently encountering and imprints from other life times. Other messages may come through from your guides, spirit animals or loved ones who have crossed over.

How a Reading works:

Book your reading by email at gabrielecampbell@hotmail.com or by phone/text at 587.372.8935.  A Liability Waiver Form must be completed before your session begins and payment is required at the end. I accept cash or etransfer. As soon as the appointment is set, I begin to receive impressions. You may have a specific question or set a loving intention of openness to whatever information you are ready to receive now. Our session together lasts 60-90 minutes, and is done in person or at a distance. If it's in person (in the Edmonton, AB area), we can meet in my studio or at your home, and you are welcome to take notes. If the reading is done at a distance, we can arrange to connect over video. Because energy has no limits or boundaries, and is not confined by time, sessions in person and at a distance are both very effective.

For the month of December, purchase a gift certificate for yourself or someone you love for only $75 (reg. $98)

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Please note that testimonials have been intentionally excluded from my website. The nature of a session is very personal, and my favoured approach is to ask a client, if they have benefited from their session, to tell their best friend. Your referrals are greatly appreciated -- they help to grow and nurture a business and a community, and together we contribute to healing and balancing our global community. Our collective work on an energetic level creates a Universal impact centred on loving intention for the highest good of all!