​Tension, pain and illness are created in the body through a variety

of experiences - emotional upheaval, loss of connection with the

flow of life and perceived separateness from what some call Source,

God, the Universe, the Divine or the Higher Self.

The EnerQi Healing and Balancing method is designed to incorporate

all healing modalities and uses the energy of Universal consciousness

that is available for all of us to tap into for growth, balancing, insight,

inspiration and healing. It's a relaxing, non-invasive approach that

utilizes intuitive insight and energy reading to identify weaknesses

in the physical body and then creates openings for qi to flow so a connection with the Divine can be re-established. In regaining this connection, you are now open to shifting your perspective, to allowing a different reality and to receiving healing. 

Because the process occurs on an energetic level, the session can take place in person or at a distance. The benefits and impacts of an EnerQi healing and balancing session are felt in every aspect of your life - there are no limits to improvements and expansiveness you can feel! You may experience one or all of these:

  • physical and emotional well-being
  • relief from pain and discomfort
  • heightened mental clarity and awareness
  • self-acceptance and self-actualization
  • improved energy and vitality
  • release from trauma and strain
  • ​increased confidence and courage
  • deeper, more profound connection with and understanding of your life's journey 

Fee Structure:
$98.00 / session or book 3 sessions for $265.00
Each session is approximately 60-90 minutes long. 
I am not able to provide receipts for insurance purposes.

A Liability Release Form must be signed prior to your session. 

A downloadable version is available by clicking the button.

ENERQI healing and balancing session

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Please note that testimonials have been intentionally excluded from my website. The nature of a session is very personal, and my favoured approach is to ask a client, if they have benefited from their session, to tell their best friend. Your referrals are greatly appreciated -- they help to grow and nurture a business and a community, and together we contribute to healing and balancing our global community. Our collective work on an energetic level creates a Universal impact centred on loving intention for the highest good of all!

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