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Discover Your Intuitive Nature

Here you will find some ideas to go about the mindful task of Conscious Clutter Clearing, the gentle and loving practice of making your own decisions about what happens to your belongings so your loved ones don't have to.

After Session Self-Care
Questions for Contemplation

The spiritual path has a marker on it, a time and place when we must ask ourselves some difficult Questions for Contemplation. The quality of the answers is only as good at the questions. Here I offer some prompts to help you dig deep and uncover your own truths, beliefs and patterns.

This presentation -- Discovering Your Intuitive Nature -- was delivered at a workshop in New brunswick in 2016. Available now, with current revisions, it contains the basics of understanding your own intuitive nature. 

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Conscious Clutter Clearing Checklist

Download the Self-Care Guide, which highlights important steps to take after your EnerQi Healing & Balancing Session. It also provides ideas to implement after meditation, prayer or a significant personal shift.

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