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Fee Structure:
Special $60 hourly rate applies

Because these processes may require considerable time, there is an option for a daily rate of $400 (up to 8 hours), which includes the removal and drop-off of small household items where possible 


Perhaps you, or someone you know, is facing mortality, and there are questions, there are preparations and there are decisions to be made. I now offer services to assist those facing the end of life and this unfamiliar transformational experience.​ 

The EnerQi Healing & Balancing work I do brings peace and centring calm to my clients, and provides spiritual kinship in times of stress and turmoil. If you are facing your mortality, you may find yourself also facing the greatest question of all time: what happens when I die? While the body dies, your consciousness goes on and together we can explore your deepest beliefs and allay some fears about that. 

I know deep within me that the spirit and the soul continue on into another dimension in union with Source, the Divine, God. This life we have on earth is a journey, it is not the ​journey. 

Conscious Decluttering

​In the spirit of acknowledging your life and your story, I assist with the process of putting your house in order. With my background in Residential Interiors, Home Organizing and Home Staging, combined with my own spiritual values and awareness, I help with the logistics of dealing with your belongings while honouring your spiritual journey. I bring my absolute faith that while you are in the process of releasing the material world, you are also in the process of opening to a grace-filled journey into a whole new dimension. As a neutral party, I support you as you go through your possessions to determine which items you would like to keep a little longer, or assign new ownership, or donate to charities, or simply throw away. The Swedish call this döstädning​​, which translates rather bluntly to death cleaning, and it encompasses clearing your belongings according to your own wishes so that those left behind don't have to. In this way, you get more comfortable with the idea of letting go and you alleviate the stress and overwhelm of those you love. Together, we can make this a healing, enjoyable and uplifting experience.

Other Services:

  • Writing stories of key events in the voice of the story-teller
  • ​Creating memory quilts from sentimental garments (shirts, coats or cloth)
  • ​Bedside energy healing and balancing
  • Providing spiritual support and energy work for those who are attending to the death of a loved one

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