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Archetypes are invisible forces that we all sense intuitively, an impersonal neutral pattern that influences human behaviour, or a label given to those patterns whose cultural and universal symbolism form a language we all understand. Archetypes are patterns of power so they are not passive in any way - they are fully present and participate in everything we say and do, in every decision we make and in every  relationship we have. They have been around since the beginning of time. Carl Jung first introduced the term ”collective unconscious”, a cosmic network containing all the archetypal energies which connects all souls throughout time through myths, stories, legends and histories. This network that we are all connected to holds the data bank of every archetypal pattern, and it is exactly this reason why an archetype, in a word, is so familiar to us.

Have you ever said anything like: he’s an amazing Artist; she’s the best Healer I’ve ever seen; he was like my Knight in shining armor. These are patterns and within that word, or label, an entire symbolic meaning and the psychic energy within each gets downloaded into you. You will simply understand what that means..

An archetype carries its own "light" qualities, which empower self and others, and "shadow" qualities, which disempower self or others. These qualities have authority over your identity, personal and work relationships, your values, finances, spending habits, health, creativity and highest potential. If you understand these energies that are at work within you and develop the sight to see how they play out in your life, you gain a tool to understand yourself and the events and situations in your life. You also gain insight to understand the dynamics at work in your relationships and why certain relationships were necessary to your growth and empowerment.

Everyone is born with 12 archetypes, and the 4 we all have in common are called the Survival archetypes. These are the Victim, the Child, the Prostitute and the Saboteur. These 12 archetypes form your chart of origin or your natal chart – they were with you when you were born and they will stay with you all the days of your life. Your personal 8 archetypes form your own personal nature and when combined with the 4 survival archetypes create a unique alchemy that is essentially YOU – no one else – and all 12 together form patterns in your life.

Why should you get to know my archetypes? Why study this? If you have ever wondered why you do what you do, why patterns keep repeating, or even why you are the way you are, if you have ever wondered “why?”, what you are essentially asking is “what are my archetypal patterns?” Doing this work, getting to know yourself this way and learning this symbolic language gives you a tool to recognize the sacredness of your life and to consciously participate in the direction you take it. By bringing conscious awareness to everyday even mundane tasks and decisions, and by understanding the root of the pattern or motivation behind the choices you make, you create a life with more
 purpose and more compassion, and a life of personal responsibility for all that is good, and all that is challenging. You will be less likely to be offended; less dramatic by nature; and more prone to experiencing synergy, synchronicity and miracles. This work has the power to change your life by releasing Fate and invoking Destiny.