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Supporting and facilitating personal growth & transformation while nurturing physical well-being and spiritual evolution. 


With my intuitive insight and perspective I can see and sense hidden energies, patterns and self-limiting beliefs that may be stalling you from reaching your highest potential.

Please note that testimonials have been intentionally excluded from my website. The nature of a session is very personal, and my favoured approach is to ask a client, if they have benefited from their session, to tell their best friend. Your referrals are greatly appreciated -- they help to grow and nurture a business and a community, and together we contribute to healing and balancing our global community. Our collective work on an energetic level creates a Universal impact centred on loving intention for the highest good of all!

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About Gabriele Campbell

For 30 years I have been on a spiritual journey pursuing the mystical. It began in 1989 when I took a Tarot Card reading class and a doorway opened to a whole different realm of symbolism, intuition and energy. One thing nobody really tells you is once you start down the path of your spiritual growth, you can never go back. I embraced the journey, and enhanced my life and honed my abilities through studying various modalities (listed below) and with many teachers. I am excited to share my insights through readings and energy balancing sessions as I work with my clients to engage with the Divine and create a meaningful dialogue for growth, healing and expansion. This work allows me to contribute in a way that brings value to others and joy to my heart.

energy SHIFT FACILITATOr / intuitive


See yourself and your relationships through symbolic sight, and suddenly everything is less personal and available for shifting. 


Highly intuitive with a deep understanding of and reverence for our human interconnectedness and the sacred soul agreements we made long ago. 




Mindfulness and Meditation                                                 BodyTalk Access                                     Reflexology   

1st & 2nd Degree Reiki                                                            Yuen Method                                            Celtic Shamanism

Certificate in Residential Interiors                                     Spiritual Direction                                 Sacred Contracts / Archetypes

Death Doula

​Contact me at or call 587.372.8935

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